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The Nerkmid Project!
Need a rundown on the Machine? Check out the guides on Sunnyneo or Jellyneo! Then come back to see us!
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ATTENTION YOUNG ACCOUNTS: I NEED MORE YOUNG DATA - Anyone under three months PLEASE use some nerks man! lol

Featured Nerkmid Combo changes monthly
Suggestions welcome day before reset

Vending Machine Stats

-- From Current Submissions --

2491 Total Nerkmids submitted!
6446442 Total Neopoints Won
76469 Highest Neopoint Reward Recorded
33 Lowest Neopoint Reward Recorded

Currently taking Submissions for Twitch Raids, Fake avatars, Banners etc..
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Thanks edgeworthz!


- - - J I N - -
Added a couple of stats and added a link on the search page to see ALL data. if it takes a second to load it all please just wait! Almost through with my wizard to help you filter out the results (Its a learning process for me and IM trying to do this right)

We are currently looking for Nerkmid Runners, your nerkmid theories, and any questions.suggestions you may have.

The site will once again have an update that includes new quality of life changes, a actual search wizard, user rewards, and a leaderboard thats coming soon. If you'd like to contribute any thing other than data I am currently looking for possible graphics such as banners to advertise on petpages with.

Applied for Fan site!
I have officially put in the request for fan site. TNT is rather busy lately with the plot, DD, and the support changes so as soon as I get a response I will more than likely have to make a few changes but thats normal.


  • Does Account Age affect anything (100+ months vs Below 100 Months on certain combos act differently)
  • Certain Combos work better with Certain Nerks (Need data guys but this one is a common thoery for ages)
  • Time Nerks used could affect outcome. (I cant truly get data on this currently, feel free to track your own time frames and send me your thoughts)
  • Jin wastes so much np (Dear Fyora: this is true...)

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